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rt7 lite crashed and locked 6 gigs

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Or you can use my Cleanup.cmd to do the "job" easily inside the folder CleanUpTemp.zip:



When we use RT Se7en Lite the best way is first to create a new Temp folder at the root of HDD, because RT 7 Lite use the %userprofile%\temp by default.

1 - For this reason sometimes there is not enough space and errors occurs.

2 - The process need a long time to mount/unmount the 2 temp folders: %temp%\RT_Mount and %temp%\RT_Mount_Boot

3 - Folder paths are too long using "%userprofile%\temp" en the process time increases !

Check if you need to use the Cleanup.cmd for the two temp folders: %temp%\RT_Mount and %temp%\RT_Mount_Boot.

You can use the batch file for any temp folder with an corrupted image (or not corrupted!), set the temp path at first.

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