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unintended install with Network applications

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Please forgive me as I'm a newbie at in building Windows 7 unintended install files. I had great success with windows XP

I am looking to do a unintended Windows 7 ultimate install in a small nonprofit with five computers on a regular basis. We have a semi-large file server in our basement of 6 TB, but I would like to utilize

My goal for this would be to have the core operating system on the DVD launch install min. The following applications to be installed From the network server . This is a peer-to-peer network, so I use words server very loosely

The first application Windows 7 will install is a program we use exclusively in office called network drive manager. This is a network mapping software I have rewritten installer would be appropriate INI files in DLL files to allow the program to map all of our network drives upon first start about installation. This was done quite usually would install Creator Pro.

So my theory is if Windows can install just NBM the rest of our installs can be ran off of the server . I'm just not sure how to call the applications in the automated install file

I would like install the following

AbbyFine reader

Adobe acrobat

Microsoft expression studio "for myself"

Microsoft office 2010 "silent install for this is already built"

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

in our in-house text-to-speech software

Most of these applications are over 500 meg each. With the exception of our text-to-speech software, which averages about hundred meg

I am looking for the best utility or application that I can use to build unattended.XML file . As always, the best way to integrate add-ons without too much technical knowledge were reading my disability makes it extremely hard for me to achieve this.

Thank you very much for any help I can get from you guys. I greatly appreciate it

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'unintended' and 'unattended' will bring two very different results in your search.

if the network storage remains static, and since its only a handful of items. It might be easier to add just add the silent install commands for the individual exes to 'setupcomplete.cmd'.

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Sorry have to live dragon naturally speaking :)

OK on to the question it definatly unattended install I have episode all setup including a drive mapping application and script file to start episode as a runonce Camden

What is the best utility to build a unattended install DVD for application intergration all we need is to install network drive manager and run the script

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