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Presario v5306 reassembly of fan after cleaning and paper insert


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I have a v5306US compaq presario de-featured laptop model. The laptop was used and had to be cleaned of dust internally. However, there is a black stiff internal paper that is about the size and shape of the fan outline which was originally in the proximity of the fan. I believe one side of this internal paper had glue on it originally and was attached somehow but isn't sticking now due to all the fine dust/hair etc that collected on it over the years. The compaq maintenance manual for the v5000 series shows me how to take the fan out, but the diagrams and instructions don't explain where or how to put this black piece of paper properly back in the laptop. I believe it may have something to do with air flow ducting since one edge is bent down/up. I've looked at used/new parts on the internet for the top and bottom plastic housings to see if this paper thingy was glued to them and also looked at used/new fans to see if it was glued to the fan itself either on top or the bottom to now avail. So, can someone tell me and show pictures of how this black paper outline of the fan was originally attached at the factory and what it's purpose is? Currently, I put this paper on top of the fan side which faces the bottom of the laptop without gluing it. Now when the computer is running and the fan turns on, it makes a rattling sound as if the paper is flapping against the fan blades.

So if someone has any of the v5 series or compatible models and would check inside their computer for how the black paper is attached and where placed around the fan, it would be of great help.... :w00t:

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ok. I found a video on youtube that shows the black paper thingy near the end of the video which is left of the fan and which is covering the processor at the 3:14 minute mark and on. Now to take the computer apart again..... :thumbup


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As good as documentation can be, it is surprising how lacking it can be. The last time I got to take apart a notebook, I think it was a Compaq also, it seemed to miss a step or two a couple times during the disassembly instructions. I figured it out but after putting it back together I had screws left over. :blushing:

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