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DuReg.exe - version with x64 support?


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I've recently had an issue in which a customer application had bloated the HKLM\Software bit of the registry to 2 GB.

It was 32-bit COM application running under a 32-bit dllhost.exe process on x64 Windows Server 2003, and was filling up HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\EventSystem.

I was able to use dureg.exe from the Windows 2000 reskit to find which bit of the registry was taking up all the space.

However - I noticed that dureg.exe is (being from the Win2000 days) an x86 application, and so although it reported that it was reading HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EventSystem, it was actually being redirected to Wow6432Node. That didn't really matter in this instance, as it just so happened that the bloated key was under Wow6432Node.

But what happens if you have a similar issue with an x64 application, filling up the registry in an area which a 32-bit application can't read?

I can't find a native 64-bit version of dureg. I was looking at writing something to do the same sort of job, but the RegistryKey class doesn't seem to expose a 'Size' property.

Any suggestions of how the size of a registry key (including all sub-keys and values) can be enumerated in C, C#, C++ - or better yet, any suggestions for alternative tools which would do the job?



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