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Creating an up to date Vista DVD?


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Hello All

Sorry is this has been posted before but I did search. I run small PC repair company and keep on having to use my OLD Vista Home Premium DVD SP2 to install Windows.

The problem is it is very out of date and I have to spend hours downloaing all the latest Windows Updates.

I cant just take an image of one laptop and sysprep it as I am install into onto many many different types of laptop and desktops.

I have tried to us Vlite but the problem is it assumes I know where to get all the downloads from I would like to build a Vista DVD (all versions) with windows updates all up to date and keep this image regulary updated.

Is this possible?

Thanks in Advance


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@slinkydonkey: if u want, u can make that by ur self, unlike windows 7, vista takes A LOT OF TIME when slipstreaming update/hotfix to the image becuz the temporary file for hotfix/update package need to delete that manually (vlite do this), u could look in magic andre site (I use that in the past time) or collect it manually.

note: if u have package manager warning, u can replace an existing "pkgmgr.exe" in vlite installation directory with the one from ur existing vista sp2 installation disk. also since u install that for other n not for ur self, I dont recommend for removal component that exist in vlite section since it might broken the image.

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