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installing NVIDIA geforce 9400 GT 500MB graphic card

That's your answer. It's because it's an old-ish, slow video card: 128-bit GDDR2 memory @ 400MHz and 16 stream processors. Intel video on new CPUs is faster than that. It's somewhat faster than the onboard video you had before but the main advantage is that it doesn't suck your computer's memory for video now.

Compare it to a modern middle-low-end card like the GTS 250 ($60 at my usual store) which has 256-bit GDDR3 memory @ 1100MHz and 128 stream processors... or even my current video card, a Radeon 4850 (2 generations behind) which has 256-bit GDDR3 memory @ 993MHz and 800 stream processors (its WEI is 5.9 for graphics and 6.6 for gaming graphics)... And I'm not comparing to fancy gamer's cards here, like the Radeon 6870 ($170 or so) with 256-bit GDDR5 memory @ 4200MHz and 1120 shader processors. Edit: even the $20 video card (Radeon 5450) in my HTPC beats it.

TL;DR: slow cards rate low.

oh! ok, that's why m facing this issue.. thank you..so i'll change my old graphic card with new one... and which one you suggest for me. m using ddr3 ram and msi g41 board and core 2 duo processor, but i m not a heavy game hunger, i was in past but not any more.. I occasionally play in my spare times.

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Thanx for the reply guys..now please suggest me a mid range graphic card. m from Nepal n i bought my nvidia gt9400 512mb in NRs.4500 which is aprox $63

How much I need to spend for a new graphic card

Make a new post in the Hardware forum so not to make this off topic. :whistle:

ps: idk about video cards nowadays.

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