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PCs on modem can't find PCs on router


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Hello, I've had issues with my home network for quite some time.. finally decided to seek for help.

I have a wireless modem on the first floor of my house, where I got cables through the wall running throughout rooms in first floor, ground floor and basement.

I have my small business at the basement, so I have 2 PCs one printer and one external hard disc which also connects directly to a modem/router.

I have 3 PCs from the first and ground floor that connect through the wall to my modem, and everything works well. But for my basement, which only has 1 lan cable output on the wall, I got myself a router so that I can connect all my devices.

I connect the router with my modem, and then the PCs, printer and hard disc on the router. The PCs have internet access, so I know the connection to the modem has nothing wrong to it. But I am not able to access the PCs connected to the router from the PCs connected to the modem, or vice versa.

I was told to not obtain an IP address automatically, so I assigned my modem and router to work on 192.168.10.x and gave my PCs IPs such as Only after setting this up did all my PCs have internet access, but again, no network communication between PCs on modem and PCs on router.

One thing that might be worth mentioning, is that through time, my network keeps going from Home Network: Network, to Network 2, Network 3, and so on... now it's on Network 5. I have no clue why this happens, and if it's related to my problem.

Any suggestions or solutions would be highly appreciated.

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So computers on the router can see other computers on the router, and computers on the modem can see other computers on the modem, but they can't talk across from modem to router and vice versa, and ALL computers have internet access.

Here are a few steps that I would take, although they are never the best :P just something I would do.

1. Ensure they are all on the same subnet (or that the modem and router are putting them on the same subnet and network etc. etc.).

2. Connect all the computers to one device ex. router, this is just to reinforce your idea that the router > modem or modem > router talk is your issue and not your devices connected.

3. See if there is a way to put your router into switch mode (assuming the modem will start picking up assigning dhcp addresses out?)

4. Boot to a live cd ex. ubuntu on two computers one being on the modem and one being on the router and see if they see each other. This will inform you if its a windows problem.

5. How are you checking to see if they see each other? Ping? Sometimes in routers ICMP packets can be blocked. Check all security settings in both the router and modem.

6. How long has this been happening? Did this recently start happening for no reason, always happened, or sometimes happens.

Have faith, it will get fixed :)

Also, why do they need to see each other if they are accessing the internet? Are you sharing files/mapping drives, home server, printing to one printer across several devices? Fill us in. GL!

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