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Local or language Pack Removal from image before sp1 slipstream

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Just as the topic says. Also i am currently using vista and dont have windows 7 waik so can i remove local (or) lanuage packs integrated in the image ? like deleting some folders then registry editing something like this ? Also will there be a problem if some gives me the steps and i remove the langauge packs and try to integrate service pack 1 final ?

Here is my plan if you did not understand what did i mean to say ?

* Remove Language (or) Local Packs [French and other lanugage]

* Set English as default Langauge.

* Integrate SP1


  1. Windows-LocalPack-AU-Package.cab
  2. Windows-LocalPack-BR-Package.cab
  3. Windows-LocalPack-CA-Package.cab
  4. Windows-LocalPack-CN-Package.cab
  5. Windows-LocalPack-DE-Package.cab
  6. Windows-LocalPack-ES-Package.cab
  7. Windows-LocalPack-FR-Package.cab
  8. Windows-LocalPack-GB-Package.cab
  9. Windows-LocalPack-IN-Package.cab
  10. Windows-LocalPack-IT-Package.cab
  11. Windows-LocalPack-JP-Package.cab
  12. Windows-LocalPack-KR-Package.cab
  13. Windows-LocalPack-MX-Package.cab
  14. Windows-LocalPack-NL-Package.cab
  15. Windows-LocalPack-PL-Package.cab
  16. Windows-LocalPack-RU-Package.cab
  17. Windows-LocalPack-TR-Package.cab
  18. Windows-LocalPack-TW-Package.cab
  19. Windows-LocalPack-US-Package.cab
  20. Windows-LocalPack-ZA-Package.cab

Help will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

Nishant Sekar

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If you install the WAIK and use dism, you can "remove" language packs from the image and set the default language. This will actually then happen the next time the OS is serviced (during installation).

Technet article on language servicing offline

i dont have such big brandwith oe dowload speed to download windows 7 waik right now but since i am buying new system i want to install win 7 as default os. Also the language pack is integrated boot.wim in index id 1 as well as index id 2. Please let me know do u guys do that ? Also thanks for additional info.

Thanks and regards

Nishant sekar

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