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Windows 8 Dev version Lite

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Nuhi ..how are you doing..long time ..

After the first leaks came onto the net of Windows 8 build 7950 , i was

of course curious to see if i could still make it lite..and yes i could..

Today i test the Dev test edition..the one MS Trow on the Net for every internet user

to download as an Mp3 with not even a registration or what so ever..and that while

they made a BIG deal of it..when guys showed the leaked 7950 on Youtube

and many lost their channel because of that , and now this?

Anyway i could load the Win 8 iso i urared to an folder and removed the things i could remember

and at the rebuild proces i got 2 errors one was error 18 , and the others will show in the video ..

I just continue and now i,m building the iso and will test it to see what went wrong and if the thing even runs..

I will post the Vlite file here later cause i,m on another laptop now.

Any of you guys tried to make it LITE and NUHI..Good job as always.

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