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[BUG+FIX] LoadDesktopBeforeInstall breaks after a wizard is closed


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If a configuration wizard is closed and LoadDesktopBeforeInstall is enabled when starting the install WPI will just close and start after a reboot.


There is a bug in how WPI.hta parses the command line that triggers when the WPI window is refreshed after a wizard has been closed.


In WPI.HTA replace

	var fullpath, regexpSearch, argLine, WPIcmdArgs;

fullpath=new String(unescape(document.location));
regexpSearch=new RegExp('^"'+fullpath+'"',"i");
argLine=new String(oWPI.commandLine.replace(regexpSearch,''));


	var startQuotePos, endQuotePos, regexpSearch, argLine, WPIcmdArgs;
argLine = oWPI.commandLine;
if ((startQuotePos = argLine.indexOf('"')) == 0 && (endQuotePos = argLine.indexOf('"',startQuotePos+1)) > -1)

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