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Change language from Italian to English


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Hello everyone, I have a friend who purchased a netbook and during the oobe setup he selected Italian....cause well....he's Italian. Now everything is in Italian and his wife who doesnt speak the language cant use the netbook.

I know that you need Ultimate (or Pro) to change the language settings by downloading the language packs, but is there a way of reverting the oobe option? The only option I can think of is to sysprep it and select English when it comes back up, but I am not sure if that would actually work.

Any thoughts?




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You can use Vistalizator

Vistalizator works in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista/Windows 7 and uses official Microsoft Windows language packs

Good work :)

jinkazama, during my google searches I came upon a thread that mentioned that there was a 3rd party app that did that but they offered no name for it. Someone else posted that it messed up with their Windows activation and would make your version of Windows NOT GENUINE.

Is this the same app? Is such thing possible? I dont want to mess up his legal version of Win7 Starter that came with his netbook.

Thanks again!


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@jinkazama, thanks for the reasurance. I'll try it out on a vm to see how it works out and then maybe send it their way.

@jaclaz, that would be a good way to solve the issue.....learn a new language! :) I might just save that link for myself :)

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