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[REQUEST] DirectX 9c for 2000


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thedexmonster said "... use nLite add-on maker ... just unpack the redistributable package ... use nLite addon maker and [then] run DXsetup.exe /silent.

what that means to me is that I don't have a clue as to the meaning of words "addon," "switchless installer," "slip-in integrator" or whatever.

I'm using windows 2000sp4 to biuld an nLite iso to install windows 2000sp4. I'd like to {switchles? install? addon? slip-in?} DirectX9c (directx_9c_redist.exe, 2004, 35,113,704bytes) so that it's integrated. The redistributable package does not have a /integrate switch.

Using the nLite page titled "Hotfixes, Add-ons and Update Packs" I'd like to "insert" a file thingie ... whatever it's proper name is called {switchles? install? addon? slip-in?} that will integrate DirectX9c into the new source and iso that nLite will build.

This would mean that DirectX9c would probably be a cab file to be added with other "Program Addons" by Rado from winaddons.

DXCB - DirectX file Collector and addon Builder, by bhplpt at Ryans might have the ability to build one, but I don't know what to ask for or use. I want to click the insert tab on nLite page titled "Hotfixes, ..." and put the DirectX whatever file in there.

DXCB gives me choices of

--Managed Code (collected or uncollected) -- do I want that? -- what is managed code?

--AddOn ... to some people Addon means silent installs of applications that are run in by a batch file that started from RunOnceGUI, to others, addon means a file that nLite wants in with hotfixes (which are really not hotfixes, since MS hotfixes are by request.)

--keep extra standalone Managed Code AddOn/Switchless (do I want that)

--do I create an uninstaller (I don't want an uninstaller for every little hotfix and option ... I'd rebuild instead

--do I create a switchless installer (is that something that is run by batch on a fully installed system, or is that something that you read into nlite like a hotfix?)

=== edit ===

It's kind of moot because the program doesn't run on my 2000 machine anyway.

When I expand the .7z archive and put a redistributable Dx9 (directx_feb2010_redist.exe, 109,092,752 bytes, or, directx_9c_redist.exe, 35,113,704 bytes) with DXCB and the [.setup] directory, and run

DXCB -c -u -g -m -t 2000

I get the messages:

The file "e:\DXrt32\DXrt.inf" is required and was not found

"e:\DXrt32\xxx.dll" files are required and were not found

The file "e:\DXrt64\DXrt.inf" is required and was not found

"e:\DXrt64\xxx.dll" files are required and were not found

Fatal Error while preparing to build AddOn.

=== end edit ===

I'm building with an older computer, a P3-733 with 512m memory, so I have to build, burn, open case, swap hdds, etc., and for each failure, I need to swap hdds back, and etc. So, it's not like I can run tests using a virtual desktop. So, I'd like something really stupid simple and reliable, that I can insert with nLite hotfixes for 2000, running 2000.

Is it possible. Some of the "addons" at Ryans are 4 and 5 meg, they explicitly for XP only (I'm using 2000) and I'm suspicious they are addons to addons to an addon ... one addon says it contains only 4 new files since the prior addon, so the 109 meg DX9 gaming feb 2010 is reduced down to 4 or 6 meg so I suspect I don't understand the lingo.

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Hi Molecule :)

I wouldn't feel too bad about getting confused, some of those projects are 30 or 40 pages deep in the forum, have been going on for a long time, and read like a very long run-on sentence. The users are smart, they also have spent a lot of time there reading the forums and following the project, for you or I it would be like jumping in the middle of a bar fight - we could get cut by just about anyone :)

Anyway, I don't use the tools you mention but it sounds like what you need to do is extract the contents of the redistributable DirectX file, you may even need to extract the content of a few cabs, and these files are what you will drop in the correct folder (explained in the directions). If you look at all the files in a DirectX redistributable, there are numerous .cabs from over the years, and not much has affected Windows 2000 or XP for a while - the latest update to DirectX concentrated on fixing bugs in the installer and adding better error handling and messaging, which is why the tool you are using only wants a few files, the ones that affect Windows 2000.

I extracted the contents of DirectX Feb. 2010 a while back on another forum, here's the .cab file list:


94040 DSETUP.dll

1691480 dsetup32.dll

44448 dxdllreg_x86.cab

13264168 dxnt.cab

525656 DXSETUP.exe

95820 dxupdate.cab

1155491 BDANT.cab

975148 BDAXP.cab


1247499 Feb2005_d3dx9_24_x64.cab

1013225 Feb2005_d3dx9_24_x86.cab

1347354 Apr2005_d3dx9_25_x64.cab

1078962 Apr2005_d3dx9_25_x86.cab

1336002 Jun2005_d3dx9_26_x64.cab

1064925 Jun2005_d3dx9_26_x86.cab

1350542 Aug2005_d3dx9_27_x64.cab

1077644 Aug2005_d3dx9_27_x86.cab

86037 Oct2005_xinput_x64.cab

45359 Oct2005_xinput_x86.cab

1357976 Dec2005_d3dx9_28_x64.cab

1079456 Dec2005_d3dx9_28_x86.cab


1362796 Feb2006_d3dx9_29_x64.cab

1084720 Feb2006_d3dx9_29_x86.cab

178359 Feb2006_XACT_x64.cab

132409 Feb2006_XACT_x86.cab

1397830 Apr2006_d3dx9_30_x64.cab

1115221 Apr2006_d3dx9_30_x86.cab

916430 Apr2006_MDX1_x86.cab

4162630 Apr2006_MDX1_x86_Archive.cab

179133 Apr2006_XACT_x64.cab

133103 Apr2006_XACT_x86.cab

87101 Apr2006_xinput_x64.cab

46010 Apr2006_xinput_x86.cab

180785 JUN2006_XACT_x64.cab

133671 JUN2006_XACT_x86.cab

182903 AUG2006_XACT_x64.cab

137235 AUG2006_XACT_x86.cab

87142 AUG2006_xinput_x64.cab

46058 AUG2006_xinput_x86.cab

1412902 OCT2006_d3dx9_31_x64.cab

1127217 OCT2006_d3dx9_31_x86.cab

182361 OCT2006_XACT_x64.cab

138017 OCT2006_XACT_x86.cab

1571154 DEC2006_d3dx9_32_x64.cab

1574376 DEC2006_d3dx9_32_x86.cab

212807 DEC2006_d3dx10_00_x64.cab

191720 DEC2006_d3dx10_00_x86.cab

192475 DEC2006_XACT_x64.cab

145599 DEC2006_XACT_x86.cab


194675 FEB2007_XACT_x64.cab

147983 FEB2007_XACT_x86.cab

1607358 APR2007_d3dx9_33_x64.cab

1606039 APR2007_d3dx9_33_x86.cab

698612 APR2007_d3dx10_33_x64.cab

695865 APR2007_d3dx10_33_x86.cab

195766 APR2007_XACT_x64.cab

151225 APR2007_XACT_x86.cab

96817 APR2007_xinput_x64.cab

53302 APR2007_xinput_x86.cab

1607774 JUN2007_d3dx9_34_x64.cab

1607286 JUN2007_d3dx9_34_x86.cab

699044 JUN2007_d3dx10_34_x64.cab

698472 JUN2007_d3dx10_34_x86.cab

197122 JUN2007_XACT_x64.cab

152909 JUN2007_XACT_x86.cab

1800160 AUG2007_d3dx9_35_x64.cab

1708152 AUG2007_d3dx9_35_x86.cab

852286 AUG2007_d3dx10_35_x64.cab

796867 AUG2007_d3dx10_35_x86.cab

198096 AUG2007_XACT_x64.cab

153012 AUG2007_XACT_x86.cab

1802058 Nov2007_d3dx9_36_x64.cab

1709360 Nov2007_d3dx9_36_x86.cab

864600 Nov2007_d3dx10_36_x64.cab

803884 Nov2007_d3dx10_36_x86.cab

46144 NOV2007_X3DAudio_x64.cab

18496 NOV2007_X3DAudio_x86.cab

196762 NOV2007_XACT_x64.cab

148264 NOV2007_XACT_x86.cab


1769862 Mar2008_d3dx9_37_x64.cab

1443282 Mar2008_d3dx9_37_x86.cab

844884 Mar2008_d3dx10_37_x64.cab

818260 Mar2008_d3dx10_37_x86.cab

55058 Mar2008_X3DAudio_x64.cab

21867 Mar2008_X3DAudio_x86.cab

122336 Mar2008_XACT_x64.cab

93734 Mar2008_XACT_x86.cab

251194 Mar2008_XAudio_x64.cab

226250 Mar2008_XAudio_x86.cab

1792608 JUN2008_d3dx9_38_x64.cab

1463878 JUN2008_d3dx9_38_x86.cab

867828 JUN2008_d3dx10_38_x64.cab

849919 JUN2008_d3dx10_38_x86.cab

55154 JUN2008_X3DAudio_x64.cab

21905 JUN2008_X3DAudio_x86.cab

121054 JUN2008_XACT_x64.cab

93128 JUN2008_XACT_x86.cab

269628 JUN2008_XAudio_x64.cab

269024 JUN2008_XAudio_x86.cab

1794084 Aug2008_d3dx9_39_x64.cab

1464672 Aug2008_d3dx9_39_x86.cab

867612 Aug2008_d3dx10_39_x64.cab

849167 Aug2008_d3dx10_39_x86.cab

121772 Aug2008_XACT_x64.cab

92996 Aug2008_XACT_x86.cab

271412 Aug2008_XAudio_x64.cab

271038 Aug2008_XAudio_x86.cab

1906878 Nov2008_d3dx9_40_x64.cab

1550796 Nov2008_d3dx9_40_x86.cab

994154 Nov2008_d3dx10_40_x64.cab

965421 Nov2008_d3dx10_40_x86.cab

54522 Nov2008_X3DAudio_x64.cab

21851 Nov2008_X3DAudio_x86.cab

121794 Nov2008_XACT_x64.cab

92684 Nov2008_XACT_x86.cab

273960 Nov2008_XAudio_x64.cab

272611 Nov2008_XAudio_x86.cab


1973702 Mar2009_d3dx9_41_x64.cab

1612446 Mar2009_d3dx9_41_x86.cab

1067160 Mar2009_d3dx10_41_x64.cab

1040745 Mar2009_d3dx10_41_x86.cab

54600 Mar2009_X3DAudio_x64.cab

21298 Mar2009_X3DAudio_x86.cab

121506 Mar2009_XACT_x64.cab

92740 Mar2009_XACT_x86.cab

275044 Mar2009_XAudio_x64.cab

273018 Mar2009_XAudio_x86.cab

919044 Aug2009_D3DCompiler_42_x64.cab

900598 Aug2009_D3DCompiler_42_x86.cab

3112111 Aug2009_d3dcsx_42_x64.cab

3319740 Aug2009_d3dcsx_42_x86.cab

930116 Aug2009_d3dx9_42_x64.cab

728456 Aug2009_d3dx9_42_x86.cab

232635 Aug2009_d3dx10_42_x64.cab

192131 Aug2009_d3dx10_42_x86.cab

136301 Aug2009_d3dx11_42_x64.cab

105044 Aug2009_d3dx11_42_x86.cab

122408 Aug2009_XACT_x64.cab

93106 Aug2009_XACT_x86.cab

273264 Aug2009_XAudio_x64.cab

272642 Aug2009_XAudio_x86.cab


54678 Feb2010_X3DAudio_x64.cab

20713 Feb2010_X3DAudio_x86.cab

122446 Feb2010_XACT_x64.cab

93180 Feb2010_XACT_x86.cab

276960 Feb2010_XAudio_x64.cab

277191 Feb2010_XAudio_x86.cab

.............(146 Files).........(111905086 bytes)

See if the files you need are in here, your files may also be in one of the listed cabs, you will need to extract that file as well.


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I read thru the DXCB thread a bit and it sure looks like you've done things correctly, and I was partially correct about the DirectX .cab files, where I was wrong is you needn't worry about anything, the script is supposed to extract what it needs. I tried a search for your error, it isn't coming up on their forums.

Also, did you notice:

PLEASE NOTE: I know the option list (DXCB /?) looks complicated, but remember, THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO OPTIONS REQUIRED.

Did you try without any arguments? There is a debugging script that tests the dxcb script ( :wacko: ), did you try it? Ultimately, this seems best posted at their forums.

I can't keep track of whose doing what, you're referring to DXCB, the post above points to OnePiece's tool. Sorry, I realize I'm adding to the confusion.

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