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Free AV / Firewall for Windows 2000 Server?


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I wonder if there is any (still updated) free AV that can be installed on a Server edition of Windows 2000.

The only one I know that works 100% correctly is ClamWin but it's only an on-demand scanner. I tried installing Rising Free Antivirus but the system became unresponsive and I had to uninstall it using Safe Mode.

Avira and Avast cannot be installed (they work only on Win2k Pro). The newest AVG doesn't work on Win2k at all.

Do you know about any other free AVs that can be used on a Server edition of Windows?

As for firewalls I'm using the older version of Comodo (2.4) as it's the last one that works on Win2k. In the past I tried several different ones but (as far as I remember) there were some issues with them. Outpost Security Suite seems to be compatible with Win2k but the free edition cannot be installed on Win2k Server.

If you know about any other decent free firewalls for Win2k, please share the information :)

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You already mentioned Outpost free..which I migrated to from Ghostwall [both found at majorgeeks.com] but GW is good though no longer supported and gives a report

on LAN activity.

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Avast can't be updated in Windows Server anymore. You can still install it using the method mentioned in #2 but there'll be a warning that it's not supported on a Server when trying to update.

I managed to find a different AV. Rising Antivirus Free Edition supports all editions of Windows starting from Windows 2000, including Server editions. I installed it here and no problems so far :)


I didn't notice that I already mentioned this one in the first post :lol: Still it seems that they fixed those problems related to instability as it seems to work unproblematically now.

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