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Create Win XP with Repair option

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I am creating a multi operating system installer dvd with other utilities(partitioning , diagnosis of harddisk and memory, winbuilder,etc) ,a multiboot dvd(Win xp 32bit and 64bit and if there is space windows 7).I would be creating an unattended install which would hide the repair option because repair option is used very rare by me.If I need the R option one way is modify the winnt.sif, then I would always have to accept the EULA by pressing F8 then select the setup option(two pages extra) or have two I386 folders one named I386(complete unattended install) second IXPR(Repair option enabled). Second option has the disadvantage of occupy extra space on my dvd which I could use for other boot cds.Is there a way to create the two folders but not copy all the files to IXPR?

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does that mean that I create the two folders I386 and IXPR and then use duplicates once switch in mkisofs .I am using Easyboot to create the menu.

Yes, the ISO standard allows for "links".

Basically a "same file" (same name and same size, and probably also same CRC32) if found in the source tree more than once is written to the .iso as follows:

  • first occurrence is the actual file
  • every other occurrence is a link to the first file

Since a link only occupies a few bytes, this allows for having all duplicate files fit in roughly half the size (or 1/3 if triplicated, etc.).

I am not familiar with Easyboot, you may want to review it's help /docs or ask on it's forum:



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