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MSI installers won't install in setupcomplete.cmd phase

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I have several applications too be installed when setupcomplete.cmd runs.

Some of them are msi installers wrapped in a 7z installer.


Acrobat Reader X

Office 2007

Symantec Endpoint Protection

nVidia PhysX software


But here is the problem.

They where installing fine. But some how on a new 7lited windows 7 dvd

most of them aren't

7-Zip is installed even nVidia PhysX software but the rest of them starts but will not install.

No errors but I must say. They are silent installers so maybe there are errors but I cannot see them. :)

Hope that someone can help me out here.

It's driving me Nuts!!

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Some msi installers requite msiexec.exe running to install example

CMD /C Start /Wait msiexec.exe /I %SystemDrive%\APPS\Acronis_DiskDirector10\AcronisDiskDirector.msi

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Also it is possible that one of the installers is locking the process and the other ones work install. I've found strange instances of this, such as this example:

TPM then BT = TPM installs but not BT

BT then TPM = both install

So you may want to try playing with the order of installation.

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It seems that I used msiexec /i for all installers except for symantec. I removed the msiexec /i and added it by SEP and it works now.

They all install. I have no explaination for this behavior but it works.

And for the HKCU thing. I mounted ntuser.dat with the HKCU settings. So all settings are use when using setupcomplete.cmd.

So I think. ;)

Thx. Guys for the info.

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