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Is it possible to slipstream post-SP3 Windows Updates?


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I'm new to slipstreaming and nLite. Plan to start with an XP-"SP0" CD and slipstream SP3.

Last time I manually loaded SP3, there were over 100 Windows updates I had to load once Windows was up and running.

I was just wondering if it's possible to add these post-SP3 Windows updates during the SP3 slipstream using nLite?


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Yes of course. Search the forum for "updates". Or, on the very first page, you can already see a thread named "win-x.co.cc Back Online

Windows XP Post SP3 High-Priority Updates for nLite"

An other way is using "update packs" like RyanVM's providing it was updated late enough.

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Seriously, do a little searching before starting a new topic. :angry:

Short answer - YES!

Long Answer - No, not ALL of them since some of them are NOT HotFixes (e.g. IE8).

Personally, I've used (or am using and testing) nLite and this without the IE8 update and it appears to be good (only IE8 shows up). Other lists and "Add-Ons" exist and are scattered throughout MSFN (with associated links).

Sub-forum with lists...

Legwork is on you then you ask for help, not the other way around...

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Thank you all for the information.

Submix8: I appreciate the information and leads you gave me. I have spent all morning reading about this, and there is so much information that I was beginning to get confused. I'm obviously not as seasoned as you, but am trying to learn.

When I first discovered this forum, someone welcomed me and said that there are always people here to help. That made me feel welcomed, and that it was safe to ask questions... even stupid ones.

I have always tried to avoid sites where advanced users took a position of superiority, and made others feel small.

I agree, that I have an obligation to research, and not be lazy. But I have done so, for many hours.

With all due respect, perhaps you are so advanced in your computer knowledge, that your never had time to learn about common courtesy and respect for other people. Even if I made an error in the proper use of this forum, I see no reason for rude comments, angry faces, and being lectured to like a school child.

If you don't want to help me, that's fine, but please spare me the arrogance. You certainly could have made your point in a polite way.

I have always been polite and very appreciative for those of you who offer your time to help others such as me.

Thank you Submix, for making me feel uneasy about posting questions on this site going forward...

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We are willing to help, but within reason. Again, you've been given suggestions (Ponch, myself and the other "new threads"). There's no need to start a new thread for each question. It's perfectly reasonable to stay within the Original Topic "I want to slipstream an up-to-date XP - can you help?"

Got a question about a particular method? Ask! We'll try to explain and/or point you to another thread(s) and/or post(s). Seriously, most folks get "put off" when it starts to look like spoon-feeding.

Sorry, just the way it is. After all, we are all humans here (not a Dictionary of Technical Knowledge Complete With Index and Tabs). :realmad: <-(angry face)

And in case you think I'm just being a "grumpy old man"...

Welcome! :thumbup

edit - and BTW, I've spent about 2 wks just testing/checking the various methods and lists myself for my own purposes. Not an easy task and not one single topic started by me - I just "dug in"! (and a couple are wayyyy off-base, others are over-kill or just "different"...) If I do have a problem, trust me, I will request help (only after I've nearly given up).

p.s. right on the first page

nLite, HFSlip, and "List of all hotfixes". If you look inside you'll find links to perfectly legitimate download sites (downloads EVERYTHING up to today).

Edited by submix8c
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Thank you for the response. I found your list of Post SP3 updates. That is very generous of you to do all that work and share it with others.

Just to address one point you made... Before I discovered this wonderful forum of expert information (no sarcasm intended), I spent a lot of time on another, less informed forum, where I was asked politely to start a new thread for each new question. I just assumed that was the standard practice for forum participation. My apologies for not being aware of the guidelines for MSFN.

My point was only, this. You could have given me, as a new member, the same suggestions without being so rude about it. This is the first time I've heard any of this, so there was no need to lay into me.

I hope to continue to use this forum, as well as your generous support. At this point, I would appreciate it if we can move forward and respect the fact that each of us has had an opportunity to express our position.

I plan to run my first slipstream using nLite, and incorporate your list of post SP3 updates. Although you have included some instructions, I freely admit that it is a bit over my head. So as not to appear "spoon fed", I'll just try it and see what happens, rather than ask any questions at this point.

I'll close with a sincere thanks for the information you have given me, as well as all the work you put into your updates site. (Forgive me if I am in error and that is not your site)

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Point to be noted - don't thank me, but thank those great folks that assembled all of it. I simply pointed you to them.

As for the "multiple Topics", just think first - if the subject is directly related, stick to the single one. If it's an entirely different subject, create a new one in the appropriate sub-forum.

Enjoy! ;)

(p.s. if you DO have a particular problem with any tool offering, be specific about the problem, post in the correct sub-forum, and remember nLite problems require the LastSession.ini file attached in the nLite sub-forum)

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Hello again.

On the Windows XP Post SP3 High-Priority Updates (x86) site (http://win-x.site40.net/updates.html), there is a link to download a batch file of all the listed updates (called UDC-04.15.11.zip). I downloaded it an unzipped the folder. There are 2 files inside (UDC-04.15.11.cmd and wget.exe).

I thought a batch file had a .bat extension. In any case, I have tried to find instructions on how to extract the Windows Update files from these 2 files. I have also experimented with each of them, and can't get any sort of extraction or download.

I just can't seem to figure out how these work. I've not worked with these types of files before, and can't seem to get any further.

At the risk of upsetting anyone on the forum :-), I am respectfully asking for some guidance on this. (No spoon-feeding necessary.)

I would appreciate any help you can spare.

Thank you very much.

PS: I believe I now understand how to properly use nLite, so hopefully this will be my final request for assistance.

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The batch file is the .cmd. Extract the zip somewhere; a new folder should be created, then use windows explorer and go in this folder and double click on the "UDC-04.15.11.cmd".

Edited by allen2
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Thank you. I had the folder on my desktop and was getting errors. Moved the folder to the C: root directory and it seemed to work there.

It gave me the message that it was about to download some/or all updates, and move obsolete updates to a separate folder. This gave me the impression that it was about to install these updates in my running Windows program. Will the list of updates just be downloaded to this UDC-04.15.11 folder?

I am trying to download the list of updates to prepare for the nLite integration. Is this the proper time and place to be downloading the updates for nLite? It was the statement about "moving obsolete updates", that made it sound like this was looking at my Windows installation.

Thank You...

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Will the list of updates just be downloaded to this UDC-04.15.11 folder?


It was the statement about "moving obsolete updates", that made it sound like this was looking at my Windows installation.

The batch file is designed to be run more than once on the same folder. Microsoft comes out with updates that supersedes older updates. What the batch file does in this instance is move the superseded ones to a folder named Obsolete. If this is the first time you are running the batch file, you can ignore that as it wouldn't find any obsolete ones.

Next month you would download a new UDC batch file and place it in the same folder. Instead of downloading EVERYTHING again, it will only download the new releases. If there are superseded ones, it will move them so that you don't add them to nLite. You can delete anything in the Obsolete folder.

BTW, new URL http://xdot.tk/updates.html Update your bookmarks.

Edited by -X-
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