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Hey, blue4603,

I have tested in a virtual machine, the component looks removed successfully, but in the start menu the shortcut is still there, and nothing happened after clicking.

It should be clean at all, am I right?

Well if the shortcut is there but nothing happens after removing components its all done good.. except the shortcut :P

But yea it should be removed to.

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@ marcusj0015

ok, i haven't meant to be disrespectful at all, i might have kinda attaked a little, i apploagise for that

No harm done.

could you also publish, or PM me with the details on how to remove like the Hyper-V packages and so forth?

i can't seem to find where that documentation is

I will see what I could do in this weekend.


Yeah I noticed it. I will try to find a solution for that. Thank you for your feedback.


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If you want a small Windows use Windows Embedded Standard 7 / Thin PC.

Yeah, fork over hundreds of dollars or customize your current image? Man I wish I could just use Windows Embedded 7 at the drop of a hat, but not everyone has that kind of money.

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