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How do I use command "Delete"


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I want a command to delete unwanted shortcuts on the desktop?

In wpi

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Not all are some shortcuts

In Config Window --> Commands Tab

Go to Dos --> Delete

Now you can write the addres & the name of the shortcut after the Delete Command.

These examples may help you. The first one is for deleting the shortcut from all users profiles and the next one is for the current user profile.

{DELETE} "%allusersprofile%\Desktop\\Play StoneLoops.lnk"

{DELETE} " %userprofile%\Desktop\\Play StoneLoops.lnk"

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Thank you very much with all my heart I am grateful to you

but i test command in anthor path it is ok

buf in desktop lnk can not delete ,,,

Hi again 'Njom4u'

I use the above commands and they work fine.

Here is a screen shot of my commands which I use to delete the shortcuts from the desktop.

Something is wrong in your commands, may be you don't use " mark at the beginning and at the end of the commands when the shortcut names have space between the words.

Post your commands here or attach a screen shot of your commands. It may help more.


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