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Unlocker 1.90 silent install script for Windows


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2012-2-22: Update to 1.9.1, resolve the issue that shell extension couldn't be unregistered.


1. Install unlocker using official installer.

2. Grab all files(exclude uninst.exe) within "%programfiles%\unlocker", then place them in 32bit/64bit folder according to current system architecture.

3. Uninstall unlocker, then run "setup.cmd" with elevated privilege to re-install.

4. To change unlocker's display language, open "setup.cmd" with notepad, change the second line "SET LANG=1033" to your prefered language ID(default is 1033).


Go to control panel and use the "Add/remove programs".


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You need 2 (or 3 files):

1. silent_install.cmd

@echo off
start /w Unlocker1.9.1.exe /S
del "%userprofile%\desktop\quickstores.lnk" /q
del "%userprofile%\start menu\quickstores.lnk" /q
del "%appdata%\microsoft\internet explorer\quick launch\quickstores.lnk" /q
"%~dp0taskkill.exe" /F /IM unlockerassistant.exe
reg delete "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" /v "UnlockerAssistant" /f

2. Unlocker1.9.1.exe from the original site

3. taskkill.exe in case you want this to work on every distribution of windows starting from XP (home edition has tskill).

If you know you will never use the installer on win xp home edition the line

"%~dp0taskkill.exe" /F /IM unlockerassistant.exe

turns into

taskkill /F /IM unlockerassistant.exe

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sorry, can't make it work. After unlock uninstall, the shell unlocker entry doesn't come back and your setup.cmd requires the assistant which I don't need.

Bug fixed, sorry for the inconvenience. Remember to reboot the system after uninstallation to get the deletion of in-use-files to take effect.

If u don't need the UnlockerAssistant.exe, just commend out the lines from "INSTALL_UNLOCKER.inf" as follows:

;UnlockerAssistant.exe = 1



and change the line

ProfileItems = Shortcut.Readme.txt, Shortcut.Unlocker.exe, Shortcut.Assistant.exe, Shortcut.Unlocker.url


ProfileItems = Shortcut.Readme.txt, Shortcut.Unlocker.exe, Shortcut.Unlocker.url

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hello and thank you for the silent installation unlocker

all works fine but the only concern I have at the end of its process it asks if I want to restart the pc

but I want the answer not so silently and

I'm sorry if its not French but its understandable translation google

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I'm sorry for posting on a year-old thread, but people reading this should be made aware that BuzMarius's batch script aside from the fact that it's not working (his method, killing the assistant process only does that, it kills it, but it doesn't prevent it from running at logon), it's also advertising a method that is easy to find using Google while the author of this amazing script worked hard to repack this into an amazing INF installer that excludes the ad-toolbars that accompany the original installer and is probably what most administrators would use anyway.

I also had to thank Rico for sharing his work with us, as apparently nobody has thanked him yet. So what if this thread revives, the silent install script still works with the latest Unlocker :) So thank you Rico. I hope I'm not upsetting anyone too much.

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This installer is from Nullsoft. If you want to install it silent, to another path and without babylon toolbar.


Use:      Unlocker1.9.1.exe /S /D=C:\Product\Unlocker            from and elevated command prompt


Version 1.9.1 tested on Win 8.1 pro x86


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