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WinInstall LE Question

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Hi my very experienced unattended-install friends!

I could solve my last Problem with Winstall LE, now i face some new ...

For first - its a fantastic Utility which also works on W7 (awesome).

Second - it creates MSI packages, also you can modify almost anything, such as captured files and/or registry entries.

So far, i created a Winrar package with some themes included, everything worked fine.

But the installer wont start completely unattended, why? I choosed the option to show no installer, still the "preparing ...." screen does appear - what a shame!

Now my second and even more bad problem:

Whenever i start winrar from the host system (installed with my package) it loads AND configurates the installer first ("Please wait while Setup prepares the necessary files" Installer message + loading screen)!

The installer isnt created in temporary directories, im pretty sure something in the registry messed up.

The funny thing is, as i open winrar directly from its directory - it just shows up regular - no installer stuff.

But as soon as i start a compressed file, the installer screen would load.

BUT - IT WORKS - even as the installer configurates, still pretty "not perfect" .. hope somebody faced the same problem once and gets me a hint about.

The next problem: By searching the Helpfile of WinStall LE i didnt found any part of how to install a program into the w7 x64 programs folder. Its not a big deal to install x64 apps into the regular one, but still its not sorted and again - not perfect!

If im really that dump to miss that helpline, i wouldnt mind if you call me an id***.

Guess thats all for now.

Please help a nub to sleep better and gain some positive charma :)

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I don't know anything about the program, but I can offer you an answer to your first question:

You need to make the package non-advertised, if the program allows it. In case you ask, I don't know how to do it in any other program too. :blushing: But it's an annoying feature of MSI that comes around often.


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