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Adding large files (other than the WIM) to Windows 7 install corrupts


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I have isolated my strange Win7 install issues to adding large files to the install source. I'm not talking about the install.wim exceeding 4GB, the latest oscdimg with UDF support gets past that issue no problem. Specifically, in the interests of trying to contain my universal unattended windows 7 install to the size of a DL-DVD, I am trying to utilize a 2.6GB Office 2010 switchless installer I made (otherwise it's > 3.5GB of uncompressed files/folders). If, and only if, I place the Office 2010 installer in my source and create the iso I get random, odd errors in Windows 7 setup - and so I'm wondering if the ISO structure breaks if you have any files on the DVD that are huge other than the WIMs? The error I get now is that the disk cant be found and needs to load a driver. I take out the 2.6GB installer, all is well.

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Which Windows 7 do you like to install?

How do you build the ISO image?

Which files size goes to final ISO image?

Which file name and directory do you use for Office 2010?

Which file system do you use? Do you use UDF only ? Do you use ISO9660 UDF bridge?

Which install.wim file size do you use?

Adding a 2.6GB file \install\empty26.bin and a default install.wim

oscdimg.exe -u2 -m -b.\boot\etfsboot.com . ..\w7.iso

DVD does boot, setup finds DVD and installation does finish.

In addition: try bootorder.txt, sort sources\install.wim too.

Oscdimg Command-Line Options

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This is Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 native build from MSDN.

I build the ISO with

"C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64\oscdimg.exe" -u2 -m -o -lWin7 -b"work\etfsboot.com" -yo"work\bootorder.txt" "C:\Windows7\source" "C:\Windows7\Win7.iso"

The WIM file is actually 3.52GB, not as big as I thought. The office2k10 file is called Office2010.exe, and I put it in a folder called "addons" in the root of the ISO.

I also noticed I could not put the VM "Windows XP mode" either, it is around 490MB in size. Aside from that, I install roughly 50 other addons with no issue as long as these big files are left out of the ISO.

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It happens some times also with my iso file, when I create my customized image, but maybe not for the sames reasons!

I try to create a new time the iso file, first and I make a new test with the virtual machine!

Have you set the files "etfsboot.com" and "bootorder.txt" inside the folder "work"? The path seems not complete to access these files!

Example (Windows 7 x86), my command:

"C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\oscdimg.exe" -u2 -m -o -lSe7en_SP1 -b"C:\work\etfsboot.com" -yo"C:\work\bootorder.txt" "C:\Se7en_SP1" "C:\Se7en_SP1.iso"

But, I've never tested with an DL-DVD (Double Layer):


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I'm not even talking about actual burned media here. This is with mounted ISO's within a VM to test. I dont set anything. I extract the MSDN 7 SP1 x64 ISO to a directory and add updates/apps. I dont change anything else.

As an aside, VirtualBox since v4 just plain sucks. Unreliable, unmitigated garbage. Had to move to VMware player to continue testing 64bit guests.

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fragbert, I am not familiar with oscdimg.exe, but I have created many an ISO larger that 6 GB and run them on VMware Player with no problems. I use ImgBurn to create my ISOs. The largest file is Install.wim and no other file exceeds about 450 MB. If you are interesting in trying ImgBurn, let me know and I will share my parameters. Enjoy, John.

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