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How to turn on workstation over Internet


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I can turn on a pc from another machine on the same home network, but can not from the Internet.

I am doing this Wake-On-WAN experiment at home by using two machines each connected to the Internet through different ISP.

The problem must be somewhere in the BIOS or the router setting for the machine to be turned on.

I reviewed the BIOS and found the relevant option was enabled by default. As for the router(D-Link DIR 655), I set the portforwarding for the machine with a arbitrary port number(I picked 9) assigned. I did not see anything else relevant but I might have missed something.

To send the magic packet, I am using depicus GUI. I also tried one at dslreports website.

So far no luck yet. By using packet analysis utility of Wireshark, I could confirmed that the magic packet is hitting the router for the target PC but for some reason, the router does not forward the packet to the target PC's NIC. Instead, it broadcasts ARP to get the MAC ID of the NIC. Note that the magic packet contains the MAC ID and this is confirmed by intercepting this packet at the sending end PC.

Any suggestion is appreciated

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To turn on a any PCs or Servers trough Internet and a Router you can use Wake On Wan mode. You sohould read the following website. They are a young factory that have realized a good and easy solution.



Thank you so very much for your reply. I have not yet concluded on this issue, but if all else fail I will certainly give it a try.

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