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Utility for changing win7 default playback device

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It can be used via GUI(run and show system tray icon) or command line, only works for Win7/Server08 R2, not yet tested under vista.


Command Line Usage:

1.using device index:


example: defsound-x64.exe 0 ALL

2. using device name:

example: DefSound.cmd "Creative SB X-Fi - Speakers" ALL



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Nice Utility!!

I am looking for a quick switch tools to change the win7 default playback device because I had two soundcards installed in my PC.

Having google for such tools for a long time, but with got no luck, many of them are not work in Win7.

Finally, I got the wanted utility here!!

Just a request, can it be asigned hotkeys to quick switching?

With that, I thanks the Utility is perfect !!

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This is awesome, thanks!.

It will be cool if you can do it with conditions.

For example: If the current device is 0 toggle to device 2 and viceversa, that way you only need one shortcut to toggle between two devices.

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