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WinNTSetup v5.3.5.2


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JFX, Hello!

When you make a second backup with changes to the same wim file, the program suggests replacing it.
Which at first confused me a little. I already wanted to make a different image. But in fact, she did everything right, added another edition. Maybe change replace to add?
For clarity, I am attaching screenshots.


This would be very convenient for automatic backup planning so that it does not ask but automatically adds changes to the existing wim file.

This is only of course my wishes.


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On 9/6/2019 at 5:43 PM, Sergei Strelec said:

Exist command line options to capture a disk in a wim file?

I've updated Beta 5 with command line option. It's similar to imagex.exe.

WinNTSetup_x64 capture C:\ X:\install.wim "Name" "Description" -compress lzx -silent

or a console version

WinNTSetup_x64 capture-cli C:\ X:\install.wim "Name" "Description" -compress lzx -silent

-silent switch will automatically close WinNTSetup after capture.

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JFX, Hi!

This is a full backup and recovery program.
I have already tested WinNTSetup Pro :rolleyes:
Automatically connect a network drive, create a backup, disconnect a network drive.

Thank you very much! :thumbup

I applied compression -compress xpress -silent
Less load on the processor, it creates much faster, but the archive is a bit more, but this is not important.

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In WinNTSetup.ini I have three lines for Drivers and UnattendedFile and ApplyMode that switch on Add Drivers and Unattend  and Mode Checkbox.

A loaded WinNTSetup_X.ini that does not contain such lines, does not remove the Settings as given by WinNTSetup.ini

In other words for Add Drivers and Unattend and Mode the loaded WinNTSetup_X.ini is not properly taken into account to switch off these settings.

I am using WinNTSetup_X.ini in case of Apply of a Captured WIM file, where I don't need to use most of these settings anymore.

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Since you have the option to Load an ini file, it is expected that all settings are adjusted accordingly.

The Settings for the Apply of a Captured WIM file will be quite different as compared to the Settings for install.wim from Microsoft.

So it makes sence to have different ini files available.  It has nothing to do with setup 2 systems in 1 run.

I just want to use another ini file instead of the default loaded WinNTSetup.ini file ....

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