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How to block Facebook on my router


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I run a small company, and my employes always hang on facebook when Im not around the office.

I would like to block facebook access.

I've heard that you can block it by going into windows folder and write a line in hosts ( www.facebook.com) but my employes found a way to pass it.

We have a Sinope E568+ router, and i would like to block it from router directly.

Any ideas????

Please help

Bye and greetz from Slovenia


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To be honest, if you have set your HOSTS file to block facebook (you should be using instead of also should probably also block fbcdn.net/com as well) and your employees are circumventing these settings, blocking facebook isn't the way to resolve this issue. If you have sent along an official communication to your staff about it being blocked at some point in the past, and they are still finding ways to get there, that is a personnel problem (rather than a technical problem) that may require disciplinary action (for insubordination). That is just my opinion and not to say there is no technical answer to your question. :angel

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