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I've had this domain name for some time now, I thought now would be a good time to launch a website for it, especially after a few people started begging me for something.

Sevenize itself isn't ready just yet, but I've been searching the Internet for existing work, and I'm pleased to announce that Alexandru Ghinea, creator of the Windows 7 Refresh Pack, has allowed me to use his work in Sevenize. If anyone has any other suggestions or pre-made improvements let me know and I'll work on including them.

I'm also working with Long Zheng with his windows 7 Taskforce website to see what UI quirks we can fix.


EDIT: Oh, here's the URL: http://www.sevenize.com

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Finally we see some life in sevenize

Whilst we're at it, can people please post suggestions for fixes in this thread?

Remember, Sevenize is about making Windows 7 more consistent and cohesive with other Microsoft products, it isn't about making Windows a garsh smorgasbord of crudly photoshopped wallpapers and Rainmeter skins. For example, I might include third-party wallpapers, but only if they're of exceptional quality and look like something Microsoft might produce themselves.

As a 'developers commentary' I'll say I'm glad Windows 7 got rid of wizard sidebar images, those were a right pain to produce :P

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Alright, I found two errors:

1. The Desktop and Taskbar/Start Menu control panel icons depict the Vista taskbar.

2. The Properties window for a hard drive has a pixel art traffic light icon in it, seen here:


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And All old cursors from system: http://alexandru-r-ghinea.deviantart.com/art/Windows-7-Refresh-Pack-1-1-178925885 (I know you have already seen this, w3bbo, but just for help)

Question: Are these just the Vista cursors, which don't contain high DPI cursors, or are they the actual fixed Windows 7 cursors as seen here?

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This is not really an error, but it looks strange:

All folder icons in Microsoft Management Consoles (such as the computer management) show a folder with its back pointing downwards like it was in XP. For example if you compare the "shared folders" icon (view --> large icons) in computer management with the shared folders icon in Windows Explorer, you'll see two different icons (see attachement).

The one on the left is taken from the computer management (mmc) and the other one on the right is from the ressource file shell32.dll


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Any update on when a beta of Sevenize might be released? The collaboration with the Windows 7 Taskforce could finally resolve many issues. I'm hoping that between this, DisplayFusion, and the FastPictureViewer codec pack many of my windows woes will be fixed (now if anyone can give me a copy of the "Softsled" project for Windows Media Center then they'd all be fixed!)

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