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XP "Press Any Key to Book From Disk" message won't come up


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I burned an XP Disc with all the updates, and it works on other computers, but not this one. This one, when I opened it up, it has about 1/4 of an inch of dust in it, and so I blew it all out (Using an air compressor) and it still won't appear. The disk works on all other computers, but this one, it won't. I've got it so the Disk Drive boot first, but it just sits there for 15 seconds with a flashing: _

Should I replace the disk drive or what?


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If the disk is working on another machine but won't work on this one it may be that the disk drive is at fault. If you can get your hands on a spare drive or borrow one and replace the current drive, then place the disk in the new drive and see what happens. If the disk still isn't offering a "boot from cd" option, then at least you can rule out the drive issue.

Let us know how you get on.



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