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Personalize Objectdock


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It's possible to create a custom installation of Stardock ObjectdockPlus preconfigure it with every links of my programs and with my favorite theme


How did you do it then? I would like to know.

well configure objectdock as you want then go to configure dock -> themes -> save current dock then goto Documents\Stardock\ObjectDock Library\Backed Up Themes

then you got to do a silent install of objectdock with /s and copy the backup theme.

you can put all your stuff in a sfx .rar or 7zip file you can find about that in the board.

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First of all install and customize your own ObjectDock..

1)create a first self-extracting archive with these parameters


2)Go to PROGRAMFILES%\Stardock\ObjectDockFree select: dir background,dir themes,defaultappimages.ini,defaultcurrenttheme.ini and defaultsettings.ini. and create a second self-extracting archive with these parameters


3)Go to C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Stardock\ObjectDock select all and create a third self-extracting archive with these parameters


now creates a single self-extracting archive with these parameters








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