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I must be the unluckiest guy with wi-fi at home!


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hello guys

I am at my witts end with my never ending wifi disconnect at home! >:o[

It is no rocket science to setup and it does work....until it decides to disconnect me. this happens various times daily and it's frustrating.

With bellsouth\att I've had a wifi router connected to the westel modem....2 different linksys and a netgear...I was disconnected and had to power off/on the routers. I've also had a bellsouth netopia router with built in wifi and STILL get disconnected.

I know have comcast connected to a netgear and I STILL get booted off.....it's just so freaking annoying!

I use WPA2-PSK [AES] on my netgear WNR1000 as well as my other 2 linksys and netopia device.

this disconnecting or trouble connecting happens on a winxp & 7 laptop as well as an itouch, iphone and blkberry.


I am ranting so sorry for the messy writing..

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I would go for something else in your house interfering with your wireless connection. If it was just one machine I would have gone with drivers or hardware.

So assuming it is interference any cordless phones in the house?

Router is sitting on top of or near the microwave or other electrically noisy device (i.e. fridge, fan, air conditioner)?

Other wireless networks in the neighborhood with strong signal at your house possibly using the same channel, even with a different SSID?

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I was having some real problems with devices getting disconnected. My router uses DD-WRT so the first thing I did was go on their site and see what all those options did. I didn't change much, but the biggest one I made was I did a Site Survey. This option scans the area for other wireless devices, shows what speed they are using, what wireless channel, and the device names. Found that a few Wiis are on my street this way!

Anyways, I noticed that all the devices were connected using A/B/G so I changed my router to N only. I also took note of what channels were being used and then set mine to use a channel that wasn't being used. These changes have increased my connectivity rate big time. Of course my PS3 hasn't been able to go online since the switch-over but that wasn't important enough for me. One plus on that is that Blu Ray movies no longer have all that crap that comes up since the PS3 can't go online.

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I did something similar with scanning the neighborhood and set my channel to one not used in my area. Didn't kill any of the rates a/b/g since I have devices that use all of them, but changing the channel made a big difference, since doing that and replacing my wireless phones that were 3.2ghz phones I have not been disconnected from wireless.

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