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Installer that can use a .reg file?


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I have a program I want to package into an installer so that it can be easily uninstalled.

It has two folders with files that have to go into specific paths under Program Files or in 64bit Windows into the 32bit Program Files plus one file that has to go into windows\system32

The program will run on any Windows from 98 through 7, possibly even 95, so I want to be able to install/uninstall to them all.

I also have a .reg file that puts everything else required into the Registry.

I've looked at Nullsoft and isetup. Neither can simply take an existing .reg file and work with it. Phooey. Translating from the Microsoft .reg standard to proprietary scripting commands is too much work.

What can do Put *this* folder and contents *there*, put *this other* folder and contents *there too*, put *this file* in %systemroot%\system32 then merge a 15 kilobyte program.reg and add whatever is required to cleanly uninstall using the default uninstall management of whichever version of Windows it's been installed on.

No customization options are required. I could do this install with a batch file but removing the entries from the Registry would be a problem.

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