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Windows 95 C OSR 2.5 - Forced IE4 Install {SOLVED}


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I'm sure many of you are (or were :lol: ) familiar with this, and I hope someone can shed some light on it for me.

After installing Windows 95 C OSR 2.5, on the first boot, a "Windows 95 Setup" box comes up and does a forced install of Internet Explorer 4.0. I would like to know how to stop this (other than closing it with CTRL-ALT-DEL), or better yet, modify it somehow to use IE 4.01 SP2 instead. I WANT IE4 installed because of the Desktop Update, but I would like to eliminate a step in the whole install/update process.

Also, I wonder if it would be possible to set other things to install like this, like DirectX 8.0a for example?

EDIT 10-24-2010:

Trial and Error has led to a solution, the forced install is caused by a single line in OHARE.INF:

HKLM,"Software\Microsoft\Active Setup","OSRInstall",,"%1%\ie4setup.exe /C:""ie4wzd.exe /P:WC /M:2 /S:#e"""

This line can be edited to allow more user control over the install, or completely removed to eliminate the forced IE4 install.

Also, simply copying the IE 4.01 SP2 updated install files into the 95C install source directory and overwriting the IE 4.0 ones will solve the problem as well.

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this method works flawless, have fun!


and so installing IE5.5 along with active desktop:

Installing Active Desktop Update While installing IE 5.5 SP2

Monday, 7. March, 05:34

me, windows, 7, seven ...

without any IE version installed. (on a pure and clean system).

Installing the Active Desktop Update along with IE 5.5 SP2

You can install the Active Desktop Update on Windows 95 along with IE 5.5 SP2. The option exists, but has been hidden because it must not be installed on Windows 98 or newer (already included). Here's how to proceed:

1- Download and run ie5setup.exe (or run that file from your downloaded package or CD).

2- When the License Agreement appears, a folder \Windows\temp\ixp000.tmp will be created. Download iesetup.inf in that folder, overwriting the existing file. This step is necessary to update the location of the files needed from the net to proceeded (but not if you are working from a full package or CD).

3- Locate iesetup.cif in the \Windows\temp\ixp000.tmp folder and open it in notepad.

4- Under the item [iE4Shell_Win], find the line that says UIVISIBLE=0 and change it to read UIVISIBLE=1, then save the file. This will enable the hidden Active Desktop Update checkbox in IE's installation program.

5- Go back to License Agreement, check "accept" and click the Next Button, then choose Install Minimal or customize your browser and click [Next] again.

6- You will now see the Windows Desktop Update option immediately under Internet Explorer 5.5 Web Browser. Check both and select the other components you want, then proceed with the installation as usual.

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Thanks for the info, although this has long been solved. ;)

I didn't want to remove IE, just stop the forced install because it was freezing up and never completing due to RealPlayer. Replacing the IE4 files with IE4.01 SP2 files fixed the crash and the install completes, or you can edit the file I mentioned above to stop it completely.

Also, for installing IE5+ with Active Desktop enabled, I have created a much faster and simpler solution here.

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The process hangs when RealPlayer is at 78%. At that point, if you CTRL+ALT+DEL and kill the process "slfxtr", the forced install will complete successfully.

(As tested with Windows 95C [OSR 2.5] in VMWare, so in this case, would be CTRL+ALT+INS).

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I had a much, much simpler way to prevent a forced IE4 install on first boot: remove the CD-ROM before the boot.

I always copy the setup CABS to the hard drive and install from there on my machines, prevents having to insert the CDROM if one needs to make changes. So it's not so easy, but there's always a solution. ;)

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