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looking for a keyboard


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can you tell me please a keyboard with as many as possible customizable keys at left up or down side of the keyboard

the best would be to be splitted in two halfs and have a touchpad and some basic keys like ENTER, DELETE, etc betweet the two splitted parts of the QWERTY

also a plus is to be slim (like notebook's keyboard)


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Logitech has several keyboards with extra customizable keys. None are the split "natural" type, and none are cheap.

Logitech G15 - 6 programmable keys on left, plus display.
Logitech G19 - 12 on left, plus expensive display.
Logitech G110 - 12 on left, no display.
Logitech G510 - 18 on left, plus display.

For a thin laptop style you can try the Razer Lycosa. Also not cheap, not split, and no extra keys. I use this with a Logitech G9 Laser mouse.

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I almost would say Microsoft Sidewinder keyboard, but, it's crap. I used it for some time but after fixing the contact layer part several times I went back to a simple Logitech keyboard. Fixing that keyboard also void the warranty. Also the keys didn't hold their paint, but I could have lived with that. It would heave been the perfect keyboard for you IF Microsoft used better parts in it... :whistle:

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This keyboard promises to be the most customizable keyboard ever, but it is also out of mostly everyone's price range:


For that kind of price I think I can hire someone to type for me ;).

A few nice keyboards (and NO, not that many custom keys):


this might just do ;):


These are actually available:



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