If you are looking for WildBill's post-EOL patches for Windows 2000 go to Post #3 Now, for the PE Tool for creating patches, here's the Download link: PE Tool 0.0.5 Version 0.0.1 ------------------ INITIAL RELEASE Version 0.0.2 ------------------ Improved the disassembly view: if an address evaluates to a known name, the name will be shown instead and color-coded. Version 0.0.3 ------------------ - Fixed some bugs in the assemble instruction dialog where certain edit fields weren't being enabled. - Fixed some bugs where the clicked-on address didn't match the assembly text. - Improved detection of .map entries so that they show up in the disassembly. - Added a menu entry for changing the code entry point. - Improved the feedback in confirmation dialogs when working with relocs. - Updated the .map files with my newest versions. Version 0.0.4 ------------------ - Fixed some disassembly bugs. - Fixed some bugs when assembling instructions. - Added a menu entry under Directories... that lets you change the address of an exported function. Version 0.0.5 ------------------- - ***LOTS*** of fixes - Adds control over the listing font to the preferences window. - Automatically updates build timestamps. - Tries to detect the need for relocs and will list them as warnings at the bottom in a new message window. - Highlights instructions where it thinks a reloc is needed in red. - Added buttons to the hex bytes dialog to make it easy to insert ANSI or Unicode strings. - Added the ability to split sections. - Added the ability to chop off the beginning of sections. - Added the ability to move the entire export table. - Added support for adding forwarded exports. - Added the ability to grow the file header if space is available. - Added an "Update exports" menu entry that will force rebuilding the export table. I've been trying to build a simple tool that will hopefully make creating security patches easier. It's still pretty rough around the edges, but here is a screenshot of what I've got so far: I've been using it to make a Win2k patch for KB982214, the SMB vulnerability. I'll probably be able to test the patch tomorrow in a VM. The tool lets you do a few simple things so far: - Add relocation chunks and chunk entries - Move certain sections (this is somewhat dangerous for most sections, but moving resources and relocations should be safe) - View some directory information, like imports and relocations - Automatically fixes up certain directory information if the section that contains them moves (relocations, imports, debug info, etc.) - Grow sections to fill any available slack between them and the next section - Change bytes - Assemble instructions - Fix a file checksum If you have a .MAP file the disassembler can resolve symbols and color-code them, as the pic shows. It's also showing relocations in red. I didn't write the disassembler portion and it's not perfect, but I've managed to fix some of the worst issues.