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Changing sound schemes in nlite


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once again always when i reformat my pc, i have sounds schemes that i copy over to c;windows media folder.

if it asks me to overwrite i say yes. they already have the same names as the orginal ones.

now in nlite i can put them in the oem folder and create one called media.

when xp installs it will overwrite it but how do i include it in a batch files to automatically say yes when overwriting

these particular sound scheme was used on xp dark edition

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ok sorry

Bendfella, you need to edit your first post and remove the reference Kelsenellenelvian is referring to. Go to Start then Help and Support and look for the switches for copy of whatever command you are using in your batch file. For copy, I think it is /y (answer 'yes' to overwrite). Enjoy, John.

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