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I had a buffalo router WZR-HP-G300NH that i setup with wpa security. When connecting to the router with win 7 it brought the passcode dialog but it also said i could press the button on the router and when i did it automatically connected. Way cool, but i recently replaced it with a negear router WNR2000 V2 because it gave better speeds via the speakeasy test, it gives me the same dialog but when i press the button even though it starts blinking it doesnt auto connect the way it did with the buffalo. Both routers support wps, the only difference is the buffalo supports aoss.

I have wps setup in both routers but cant get the netgear to work with my laptop. Also the laptop is old and doesnt have the wps function which is why i was surprised that it worked, i assume win 7 has some functionality which is why it let me do it with the buffalo. But not sure why the netgear isnt working.

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