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How does Aero work?


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I am working on a windows 7 theme and have certain issues and doubts.If someone could give me some clues and insight in to how aero works would be really great

1.Drop shadow in Start menu

The image i made for start menu has a drop shadow of about 3 pixels which is not coming as it should be in windows style builder

I have done some research and the result is the image does not have any problem........it works fine in one of the themes called Mac 7

Mac 7 Theme

there has to be a setting that makes it work related to transparency in images or shadow fill etc

Here are the two images that show the difference



2.How to make a theme that changes color when hue is changed from Personalization

How does Aero work ??? what do i need to create for the color system to work

There is one more issue here , I normally turn off the transparency as I like the solid colorfill.But when transparency is turned off all the smooth drop shadows around windows and start menu turn into ugly borders.

3.When i make a Semi transparent image for start menu this how it turns out to be in the theme.What is that dark color coming below the program list??



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well to add a drop shadow to the start menu you need to do a few things and ill explian it too

Windows 7 Aero dosent have a drop shadow section so you would hacve to edit the start menu images and make a new layer and basically make a drop shadow effect in photoshop

so you have to edit the start menu images to make it look like theres a drop shadow

im too busy right now to rab the image names but the start menu section in VSB is

Start Menu > Panels > Aero > Top

Start Menu > Panels > Aero > Bottom

Start Menu > Panels > Basic

export all those images and figure out which image is which part of the start menu

VSB also has a thing on the bottom that will tell you what a certain image is used for

i hope i helped!

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