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Hi all,

I have a vbscript that I execute in my task sequence to set some variables during OSD. One of these variables needs to be used in customsettings.ini to connect to a server to retrieve a list of applications to install during my OSD Task sequence.

The vbscript uses oTSEnv = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment") to set the variables. I can see that the variable I need is set correctly when I output all the variables during OSD.

My customsettings.ini looks like this:


Priority=Default, getprograms





Program = http://%Servernamevariable%/Getprograms.asmx

How do I get this working? The %Servernamevariable% is of course the variable I set (explained above). It is for example testserver.mydomain.int. Do I have to use the propertiesline or? Maybe I can only use %variable% type with built in variable names and not my own?

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