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Windows Backup & Restore, system image...


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Sorry because I might be annoying. I just wanna be clear about everything to get what I want and avoid anything unwanted happens. I want a recovery disc that recover only what I want and it must include my programs as well so that once my Windows is recovered I can do my works immediately.

Thank you for taking time to read and answer! :)

(1)Hi. By using Windows Backup & Restore, can I create a system image/recovery discs that backup (can restore):

  1. Windows files and default folders (as mentioned in the Help file, Default Windows folders include AppData, Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Saved Games, and Searches) or essentially, OS
  2. Program Files


I just wanna create recovery discs (not just backup) of my OS, user settings and my programs. I don't want to include personal files and other drives.

Question for scenario in which Program Files will be included (Optional):

If some program files of mine are not installed in the default folder (Program File), is it going to be included as well?


Here, my question is essentially what does a system repair disc backup/restore?

Or it merely repair my OS and won't affect my programs, program files in Program Files folder, other files and drives?

Will the disc include my programs and user settings as well?


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You will need to check the EULA for the WAIK to make sure you are not in violation of it but that being said you may be able to use Windows Imaging.

If you use the backup & restore before putting any data on the machine you could accomplish the same thing.

Guide to using WAIK to make image of system:

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