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[SVCPACK] WordPad Spellcheck Addon V2


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WordPad Spellcheck Addon



This addon will give WordPad instant spell check capability (with the red line under the words as they are typed). It only takes an extra 1 MB on the windows CD.


* No .doc support (.rtf only)

* Saving in .html allowed

* Fixed file signing issue

md5: 47c17964ab18cc41fc94999b591d9d80

Download: (1 MB)


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I honestly don't remember where I found the software but I can say that it is 100% freeware

Opera 10 has the same in-line spell checker and word choices if that helps (see here)

Also there is a program called WordWeb (~17 mb) that will add dictionary and thesaurus to almost any application, but I didn't see the practicality of making it an addon since it is so huge

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  • 2 weeks later...

... The addon replaces files in the source. ...

Not anymore. It is a svcpack addon now.

V1 failed because wordpad.inf was signed and would not copy the 2 dictionary files over :angry:

the silent installer copies the extra dictionaries in at T13


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  • 9 months later...

Just an amateur, but my end user needs have brought me to this forum. I need an automatic word pad spell checker, one that underlines words for correction after I've finished the note or document.

The only one I've found is the one from mediafire listed above.

Problem is I've unzipped the mediafire download to give an "Entries" notepad document and a 7z Setup SFX file, and the 7z Setup SFX file doesn't open. Any hints on how to complete the installation?

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Thanks, for some reason I had to open the SFX file and then separately unzip the files inside.

I like the idea of a wordpad with spell check and the spell checker works well.

But I'll have to get used to the crowded command icon section and the metric ruler at the top in this wordpad version.

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