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NTSC to PAL Conversion method


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Is there any easy way to convert NTSC format to PAL.

Because im in europe DVD movie I ordered doens't work on this region of DVD player.

And i need to convert it to PAL.

Any suggestions ?


cheerz from Slovenia

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Your DVD drive should allow you to change the region. This is in the device properties in Device Manager. However, most drives only let you change it maybe 4-5 times, and the only way to reset this counter is to do a firmware upgrade. So you can go the router I do (have 1 driver set for PAL, one for NTSC). As far as software programs go, not really sure.

Then again, you didn't state whether this "DVD Player" is your DVD drive or one meant for a television.

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Well, it sounds like it's mainly a region locking thing. There's loads of apps that can get rid of this (if you don't mind having to make a "edited" backup of your DVD), but then again lots of DVD players have "alternative" firmwares (RPC1 or multiregion ones) which will ignore region limitations and sometimes hidden menus to set those things.

Your player may also not like playing NTSC content either, in which case you'd have to resize the image (720x576 -> 720x480) and also perform a framerate conversion (29.970 or 23.976 -> 25 fps) which doesn't always turn out nice.

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Amm sorry I din't write all the specifications..

I need to convert this DL DVD because my DVD player (Philips) for Television doesn't read it...

I just want to fix it by copying another copy for me because it's a pitty that I payed a lot for this dvd and now it doesn't work on my telly:( ....

Thank you for helping.... still need suggestions....

Bye and lotsss of greetzzz from Slovenia

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