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Server 2008R2 custom files missing from c:\windows\system32

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Hi All

I'm hoping someone can help with this strange issue.

I've created a custom Server 2008 R2 build, I needed to add some files to c:\windows\system32 so here's what I did;

  • Extracted the install.wim from the Server 2008 R2 DVD
  • Mounted the install.wim using gimagex ensuring the read/write option is enabled (mount tab)
  • Added the required files to the relevant folders in the mount point
  • Ticked the box in gimagex to commit changes and unmounted the install.wim
  • Added the updated install.wim to my custom build files
  • Burnt the custom build to a DVD

The files being added are basically .vbs scripts which are called from the unattend.xml and customise the server for our environment. When I use my custom build and choose '2008 R2 ServerStandard' from the standard OS menu everything works fine. If I choose '2008 R2 ServerEnterprise' the custom files are not added and an error message appears as the call from the unattend.xml is made. If I let the server build continue and then get to a desktop I search for the files and none of them have been added.

Its almost as if a different install.wim is used for Server Enterprise, has anyone come across this issue before? Am I missing something simple?

Thanks is advance


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That is because you only made changes in one image. There are 8 images inside the R2 WIM. Use the "Info" tab in GimageX for more details.

Basically you need to make all your changes in every image you want them to appear in. In your case I would change things inside the image for "2008 R2 ServerEnterprise" as well as the Standard image.

Same thing goes for Drivers and Integrating Updates offline.

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follow the same steps you did for standard but for the Enterprise build as well, opening a Image for a specific build (std, ent, web etc) only opens that image. new files added are only given flags to be deployed with the image they were saved into. if you re-add the same files to the enterprise build, the pointers will be added to the exist files saving space.

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Oohh, I see :wacko: the penny has dropped!

Thanks very much for the information above, for anyone else using GimageX you need to choose the image you want to work on using the + and - buttons next to the 'Image' field in the Mount tab.

For info, here are the relevant images and thier numbers

Image 1 = Server 2008 R2 SERVERSTANDARD

Image 2 = Server 2008 R2 SERVERSTANDARDCORE

Image 3 = Server 2008 R2 SERVERENTERPRISE


Image 5 = Server 2008 R2 SERVERDATACENTER


Image 7 = Server 2008 R2 SERVERWEB

Image 8 = Server 2008 R2 SERVERWEBCORE

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