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Domain Expiring!

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OK guys I didn't think this was coming up for 6 more months but I am being transferred the wpiw.net and wpiw.org adresses from the kind person that originally bought them for us! (athomsen from msfn)

However I HAVE to renew them fairly soon.

SO I am starting a fund drive to refresh the domain registration

PLEASE if you can send a donation to me paypal with the notes saying (Domain renewall!)

I would like to purchase a handfull of years if possible!

Thanks in advance!

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This may sound a little bit out of line, but why don't you advertise that you'd appreciate donations at some of the places where you'd expect to find warez OS releases containing WPI and some of your other stuff.

They may be under some false illusion that Microsoft don't need their money, but they should at least appreciate the work of 'the small man' in their misguided beliefs.

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OKAY bit of an update!

We just released v8.0.0 and I just got the email saying the .org domain for WPI is soon to expire!

I did get a renew on the .net addy for a year so thats not a big worry.

Looks like you have three months left

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