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How to identify the installed Nero (Lite) Version?


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I downloaded the Nero lite version from here: http://www.nero.com/eng/downloads-nero9-free.php

where it is mentioned on the website to be Version

After E-mailing the nero support multiple times they confirmed that it is the version on the website and it is not a mistake,

they suggested to use Nero Info Tool to query the correct version.

I used Nero Info Tool,

I looked in the Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{7748AC8C-18E3-43BB-959B-088FAEA16FB2}\DisplayVersion

and saw the File Properties for File Version and Product Version: %ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 9\Nero StartSmart\NeroStartSmart.exe

and the result was Version and not as the the website and Nero support team said.

Can anybody help me to identify the correct installed Version of Nero ??

{Reason: I need it for TGUP to compare the Installed version on the PC with the latest available version}


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