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Archiving software CDs under Win98


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I have no idea which program created the .bin file. UltraISO displays nothing in the field "Application" under Properties -> Label tab.

It is "queer" that the error is about "bad sectors".

Isobuster is quite reliable. Isobuster v2.5.0.0, when extracting the 2 bad .avi files from Track 01 -> ISO9660 [also via Joliet], generates error messages like: "Unreadable sector. Sector 127836 couldn't be read. Error: 05/64/01. Retry, Ignore this sector or Quit" -> Ignore

Which OS are you running (apart W98) or can you run?
DOS and WinXP. Also a Farsi-patched WinXP, with a lot of non-Western code pages. No idea what the Isobuster error message "Error: 05/64/01" means, maybe a non-Western date. My Linux laptop is currently packed away.
It is not at all clear (to me at least) if the error is in the .bin file, in the media on which it is or in the way the two mentioned tools attempt to extract the .avi from the .bin.

The physical media can be excluded, the .bin file has been physically saved on a USB HDD, the original CD is not available.

I would try to mount the .bin in a Virtual CD and then copy from it with a tool like Unstoppable Copier (or similar).

jaclaz, this tip was jackpot :thumbup

When I mounted the .bin/.cue to a virtual drive of Alcohol v1.9.8.7612, Unstoppable Copier created a bad .avi file #2, which DivXRepair v1.0.1 was able to repair by reducing the size of the bad .avi file from 740 to 644 frames (90 bad frames found, Bad frames intervals from 225 to 240 and from 241 to 316. The not-yet-repaired .avi file #2, created from the Alcohol virtual drive, ran Ok in VideoLAN v1.0.3 under WinXP, but caused VirtualDub to crash.

Unstoppable Copier did not find any corrupt bytes when copying the bad .avi file #2 from an UltraISO virtual drive, but the file created in this way could not be repaired with DivxRepair. To repeat: mounting a bad .bin file on different virtual drive software (e.g. Alcohol vs UltraISO) produces different results.

The bad .avi file #1, extracted with UltraISO from the .bin file and then repaired with DivxRepair, however, was much better than the file repaired file obtained by using Unstoppable Copier and the Alcohol drive. Only 2/989 frames were lost in the repaired UltraISO file, while in the repaired Unstoppable Copier/Alcohol file 85/989 frames were lost.

I am still looking for a way to repair the bad .avi file #2 with fewer lost frames.

Then I would throw at them files every tool around +1, another one: http://www.risingresearch.com/en/dvr/

I rejected Digital Video Repair v2.2.3, it wants to install some adware and my firewall blocked it. The website states: "Digital Video Repair come bundled with RelevantKnowledge research tool to help us keep these software titles free".

I had actually tried to repair this bad .avi file#2 about 2 years ago, and I had tried out many tools then, including Digital Video Repair v1.02. Here my notes regarding Digital Video Repair v1.02 and this bad .avi file #2:

"v1.02 just truncates it after the 1st major error - but you can at least see 1/3 of [the bad .avi #2]. Careful: later versions contain adware"

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