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Outlaw fie system object - I can't control nor delete it


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This post is about another case where a "file object" has somehow become improperly nested with an unknown set of security properties.

The object is a "folder" shortcut that was supposed to be a "holder" or pointer for a group of similar IE8 Favorites.

It's apparent location is - C:\users\administrator\Favorites\Favorites Bar\Stuff

In other words - it a "folder" on an IE8 favorites bar tool bar.

It was part of an "import" action of bookmarks from another browser - Firefox 3.56 . The reason for the import was to create uniform bookmarks between both browsers under a single account on a Windows 7 OS.

Anyway the "stuff" folder cannot be deleted acted upon under any circumstance that I know of. This include, taking owner ship as well as booting to alternate OS and attempting deletion. I also discovered that it is referenced in the registry -and it reappears after deletion and re login.......

This one is weird, any help appreciated. I need to throw away the entire IE user profile and start over - help? I can't throw away the account - this is the built in admin account.....

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I can reproduce this error - and I think it IS worth noting that in theory it could bring grief to many users.

Essentially what has happened - is that "importing" a bookmark file into IE8 has created some sort of unknown junction point. (at least to me).

The object that has caused the non deletable folder or junction creation was a sub-folder shortcut that resided with in the Firefox "Bookmark Toolbar" - which is the equivalent of the IE8 "favorites bar" ......

Powershell command line is the utility that hinted that this object may be a "junction." When I tried to use a remove itme and "force" command - powershell reported that part of the path may be missing. -and it failed.

Somewhere along the line - this whole deal "means" something - in theory it could be automated into a system crashing exploit. Thanks for reading....

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Invalid character in win32 namespace can be "counted" using a wildcard.

Cause 6: The file name includes an invalid name in the Win32 name space

You may not be able to delete a file if the file name includes an invalid name (for example, the file name has a trailing space or a trailing period or the file name is made up of a space only). To resolve this issue, use a tool that uses the appropriate internal syntax to delete the file. You can use the "\\?\" syntax with some tools to operate on these files, for example:

del "\\?\c:\path_to_file_that contains a trailing space.txt "

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