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Can Windows 9x support IPv6


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galahs, I am always thinking that people should be working on this!

Many have said there will be no need to worry, as the providers will tunnel us through,

but sometimes it is best to have an ultimate backup plan....for any and all eventualities.

I've been considering the following:

Windows Me---is supposed to, if I am not wrong---share some "internet connectivity" feautures

with Win 2000. I read this somewhere---in relating to better stuff built in to Me (as opposed to the other 9x versions)----for using the internet.

The following, IPv6 Technology Preview for Windows 2000

described by Microsoft as---This is a technology preview of IPv6 for Windows 2000. It is not a production quality implementation and should only be used for research or testing. It is not intended for production use.

Might be a method or key---for those members with the know how---to come up with an eventual patch for Me at least, if not the rest of the 9x family.

If you go to www.windowsnetworking.com/.../IPv6-Support-Microsoft-Windows.html

the chap provides a "still available" link to download this Windows 2000 IPv6 Technology Preview,

which now resides on my desktop.

This might be quite far fetched of me....put if there is a possibility of developing a patch from this---its worth checking out and exploring!

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I know that Windows 95/98/Me don't support IPv6 as standard, but is there any way to make them support the new Internet Standard if/when it is implemented?

A more likely solution will be found when router companies decide to include an IPv6 NAT function for it's down-clients. Not sure if this has been created yet, but if I was D-Link, I would look into it. I don't see why the client OS even need to be involved, this can all be handled at the OSI network layer.

But I wouldn't worry, it'll be many years before IPv4 is abandoned.

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Tattam is the last name of the guy who founded Trumpet; he simply reorganized under a new brand name and ''acquired'' all the software that was already his but under the Trumpet name.

As far as I know, Trumpet never offered their IP/TCP stack stand-alone, but yes, it is bundled with Winsock 5 (and Firesock, and their webserver). All their 9x stuff is discontinued, but they still seem to be working on a DOS IP/TCP implementation, which also supports IPv6.


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more like "share" !

That's a good idea: ya never know.

What I would like to know for sure, from a programmer's perspective familiar with the ins and outs of the 9x operating systems,


is the main challenge or problem of creating a working patch establishing such IPV6 functionality in 9x?

How hard can it be? What exactly, has to be done to come up with an installable working solution?

Any developers/programmers here, consider it one of the most complicated things?

What if the problem is not that it was exceedingly hard to come up with a patch all these years, but that no one really bothered?

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