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Anyone dare Raid 0 a pair of SSD?


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Anyone done it? Is this feasible?

Is there support for such a thing on Win 7 and intel P55+ boards?

Would a box with a raid 0 SSD setup fly? ^^

or how about, WD VelociRaptors 10,000 RPM vs. SSD?

Let's hear those thoughts people!

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bragging rights.

They've been one-upped ;)

. Over 2GB/sec (very much limited by the PCI-e bus, they could probably get twice that otherwise)

Either ways, I'll let SSD tech mature and come down in price for a while. The only somewhat-affordable drives with good performance (TRIM support and all) are just way too small still.

Edit: there's also the 16 Intel X25-E SSD RAID, if you got 15G's or so burning a hole in your pocket.

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