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Trace Windows 7 boot/shutdown/hibernate/standby/resume issues

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symantec (COH64.exe) is causing a high CPU usage and delays in shutdown and standby. remove it and look if this fixes your issues.

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Hi--thank you for your reply.

As you suggested, I uninstalled the Symantec, and then restarted the laptop. It did not stop the boot-loop, but it is *better*. The boot-loop does not seem to take as long to reboot, but it still does loop. Might you have another suggestion?

Also, I took a short video of the boot-loop on my crappy digital camera. I uploaded it to Dropbox. I will PM you the link. That way, you can see what I am dealing with if that helps.

Thank you again for your help. Things are getting better!


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I'm fairly new here and would like to learn diagnosing windows boot time. I understood most of what you've written (very well written, by the way) and would just like someone to confirm of what I think is the cause here.

I'm having a slow time in PreSMSS which is 29327. I don't what is the normal value of it but it boots a lot slower than before.

I've look in the .xml file and found that: HID\VID_1BCF+PID_000A+Col01\6+3a19b3c5+0+0000 which is HID-compliant mouse is the cluprit but may also be others.

Please check for any other anomalies that it may contain.

Thank you for the guide, help and especially time.


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Hi Andre,

Thank you for your help. Very useful.

If it is a hardware issue, might you (or anyone else reading this) have a suggestion of somewhere else on the web that I can go to post this problem? I would prefer to do the work myself, since I am a student, which means I have limited money and time to work with. I would like to avoid taking this laptop in for repair, since it will tax my already small budget.

And I would second AlexCeed's point about the clarify of writing here. It is very good. That was one reason I posted here first--quality!

Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

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HID\VID_1BCF+PID_000A+Col01 = your uSB mouse

I check the file, but the LiteOn CD/DVD drive is the cause:

- <phase name="systemStart" startTime="4447" endTime="22933" duration="18486">
<pnpObject name="cdrom" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="4448" endTime="22877" duration="18428" prePendTime="18428" />

this takes 18s. Do you use the Windows driver or a drive from LiteOn.

Edited by MagicAndre1981

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I have a dvd write Lite-On but I'm using windows default drivers for it (ie haven't installed any 3rd party utils from liteon).

I've installed a driver for my usb mouse that changed the polling rate above it's limit. For this I also have enabled Test Mode and it seems that this was the culprit. I have disabled it now and PreSMSS is 13 seconds. Is this normal?

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loading the CDRom driver still takes over 8s and this still causes the slowdown :

- <phase name="systemStart" startTime="4587" endTime="13232" duration="8644">
<pnpObject name="cdrom" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="4588" endTime="13173" duration="8584" prePendTime="8584" />

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Could the cause be daemon tools? I have one device loaded.

If it's my lite-on writer I don't know what to do with it. It shows no signs of usage (no sounds, lights nothing) in the booting procedures.


New test with daemon tools devices removed:

- - <phase name="systemStart" startTime="4319" endTime="7672" duration="3353">
[b] <pnpObject name="mssmbios" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="6321" endTime="7560" duration="1239" prePendTime="1239" /> [/b]
[b] <pnpObject name="rdbss" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="5246" endTime="6155" duration="909" prePendTime="909" /> [/b]
<pnpObject name="cdrom" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="4320" endTime="4732" duration="411" prePendTime="411" />
<pnpObject name="Null" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="4732" endTime="5075" duration="342" prePendTime="342" />
<pnpObject name="nsiproxy" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="6155" endTime="6321" duration="165" prePendTime="165" />
<pnpObject name="CSC" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="7584" endTime="7636" duration="51" prePendTime="51" />
<pnpObject name="VgaSave" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="5076" endTime="5117" duration="41" prePendTime="41" />
<pnpObject name="AFD" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="5148" endTime="5178" duration="30" prePendTime="30" />
<pnpObject name="blbdrive" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="7644" endTime="7672" duration="28" prePendTime="28" />
<pnpObject name="discache" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="7560" endTime="7584" duration="24" prePendTime="24" />
<pnpObject name="TermDD" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="5230" endTime="5246" duration="15" prePendTime="15" />
<pnpObject name="ws2ifsl" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="5182" endTime="5197" duration="15" prePendTime="15" />
<pnpObject name="NetBIOS" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="5200" endTime="5214" duration="14" prePendTime="14" />
<pnpObject name="RDPREFMP" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="5121" endTime="5135" duration="14" prePendTime="14" />
<pnpObject name="Wanarpv6" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="5216" endTime="5230" duration="13" prePendTime="13" />

Thanks for your help so far. Any ideas on what to do next?

Edited by AlexCeed

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<pnpObject name="mssmbios" type="Driver" activity="Load" startTime="6321" endTime="7560" duration="1239" prePendTime="1239" />

Any idea as to what this does? It's the only one that takes up this amount of time to load.


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Hi Andre,

I have a problem with my windows 7 64 bit shut down. It took 10~20 minutes for it to shut down.

I have tried a clean boot but the problem is still there. So i try to trace the issues with the method shows here.

I successful trace the shut down with "xbootmgr -trace shutdown -noPrepReboot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER -resultPath C:\TEMP"

But i cant continue the analysis with this command "xperf /tti -i shutdown_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1.etl -o summary_shutdown.xml -a shutdown"

when i type this in command prompt, is shows "xperf: error: shutdown_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1.etl: The Specified path is invvalid. <0x800700a1>"

Here is my shutdown_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1 and xbootmgr.log zip


I also provide you my normal and safemode bootlog for reference....



Please help me with this..



Edited by kise01

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