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dx file copy probs (& others)

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sorry for this 2nd post ... i've tried a lot of times to submit a modified post (even reported it to the site admins) but just wouldn't go through ... always came out blank in the 1st post with only the attachments left


hi! i encountered lots of roadblocks in my recent run (after being away from it for a long time :wacko: ) ... during the batch processing, i encountered lots of instances of 0 File(s) copied, such as:

  • WindowsMedia9-KB969878-x86-ENU.exe,
    WindowsXP-KB894871-x86-ENU.exe - i'll take this out (based on
WindowsXP-KB894871-x86-Symbols-ENU.exe - i'll take this out (based on this)
WindowsXP-KB969898-x86-ENU.exe - hasn't support for active killbits been dropped (here)?
WindowsXP-KB973525-x86-ENU.exe - hasn't support for active killbits been dropped (here)?

i don't think i was able to capture all of 0 File(s) copied instances though. there could be more.

along the way too, the run was halted by:

E:\HFSlip179\TEMP\AAO\MSWINATL.CAT already exists. Overwrite it ?

[Y]es, [N]o, [A]ll, n[E]ver, [R]ename, [Q]uit

& i answered n[E]ver to stop the succeeding numerous prompts.

the other .cats but not all were: MSWINCRT.CAT, MSWINMFC.CAT

EDIT: had conversations with Kelsenellenelvian who prepared Kels_Runtimes_addon_v6.rar. he thinks it's most likely because .cats actually exist in couple of the asms folders & suggests removing asms folder from the runtimes & manually drop it into I386 folder. in my last successful build though using hfslip-1.5.0, i had an earlier ver of his pack: Kels_Runtimes_addon_v2.6.6.CAB (the structure's still basically the same) & it worked without hiccups. could there have been code modifications in hfslip-1.7.9 that might have affected the way this is processed now?

for some specific addons, i got these instances:

Processing "substituted_addon_name".7z

1 File(s) copied

0 File(s) copied

what could be wrong in these kind of instances? just for reference, i've inserted here an inquiry i had before:

i would just like to ask if these lines have in any way negative factor in SOURCESS?

... these are just bits that caught my attention while watching the script do its thing ... :)

i may not have caught everything though that shows 0 files copied ...




would it be quite safe to assume that newer files were already present in that is why nothing needs to be overwritten? or HFSLIP does not deal with these updates as all of these are not in our list of updates? btw, these are unofficial hotfixes ;)

i know i do not need some of these & i am about to remove them from HF directory ;) i just like to know how these are treated ...

HFSLIP deletes "junk" files, and sometimes hotfixes are given special treatment. In these cases it's possible that no additional files are left to be copied over after a hotfix has been processed completely. So it's normal. I can only get rid of the "0 files copied" message by disabling all copy output, but I think most people would prefer to see the names of the binaries that are processed.
tp, your thoughts? thanks!

while other instances looked like these:

Processing "substituted_addon_ name"_v1.1.7z

'0' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

'1' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

'0' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

'1' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

0 File(s) copied

Processing "substituted_addon_ name"_v1.1.7z

'HKLM' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

'CONFIGURE_PROGRAMS' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

during the text-based portion, i believe this to be directx related:

Setup cannot copy the file: d3dx9_24.dll ... this lasted until d3dx9_41.dll.

same for d3dx10.dll & d3dx11_42.dll. how can i process directx_aug2009_redist.exe better? in my last successful run, this had to be extracted & only select files were put in HFCABS. would it be better to utilize .cabs & HFCABS instead? what abt the other files? when extracted these are the x86 files i see:

BDANT.cab - is this to be included?

BDAXP.cab - is this to be included?

DSETUP.dll - is this to be included, this is a .dll?

dsetup32.dll - is this to be included, this is a .dll?

dxdllreg_x86.cab - is this to be included?

dxnt.cab - is this to be included?

DXSETUP.exe - is this to be included?

dxupdate.cab - is this to be included?










Apr2006_MDX1_x86.cab - is MDX1 supported?

Apr2006_MDX1_x86_Archive.cab - is MDX1 supported?
























NOV2007_X3DAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?




Mar2008_X3DAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?


Mar2008_XAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?



JUN2008_X3DAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?


JUN2008_XAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?




Aug2008_XAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?



Nov2008_X3DAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?


Nov2008_XAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?



Mar2009_X3DAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?


Mar2009_XAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?

Aug2009_D3DCompiler_42_x86.cab - is D3Decompiler supported?






Aug2009_XAudio_x86.cab - is X3DAudio supported?

is it just me or has directx icon changed?

i had many powershell related errors too but i don't recall putting any powershell update/hotfix/patch in my run. upon tracing the extensions, i suppose these came from WindowsXP-KB968930-x86-ENG.exe.

to add to this, during text setup, all my wallpapers were not copied. (i had these setup like it was in my last successful run abt a couple of years ago: HFEXPERT\WIN\Web\Wallpaper).

also had copy prob with cWnd.exe.

please look at the attached pics. i've attached too my hfslip.log. appreciate the support.:) i'm trying new runs as we speak taking out some items.

hey Mim0, could you please cross-ref this with our current XP list, esp WindowsXP-KB968930-x86-ENG.exe. (this 1 has given me lots of errors. could there be other HF as requisites for this?) seems like no new binaries are taken from the above HFs i reported ... or perhaps i should have those in another directory instead of HF ... your thoughts? thanks!

EDIT:i have confirmed that WindowsXP-KB968930-x86-ENG.exe has caused a lot of errors during text mode of setup. tried it even with & without WindowsXP-KB926139-v2-x86-ENU in HF too to see if it could address .ps1xml errors but to no avail.

fixed bbcode for new IPB version
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There was no change in code for dx "extras" processing, and there wasn't any change in HFAAO processing either. I'd suggest to remove your hfaao cab files and rerun so you can locate and remove the offending cab file. To me it sounds like you are slipstreaming it (via hf) and hfaao'ing it (via hfaao). Select one method you like. The activex killbits stuff is still sort of there, but it not the latest and greatest. It's easier to keep the killbit hotfix in the HF folder instead of updating the code every month. If there are zero copy issues, then it could be two things. Either it's not supported by hfslip (i.e. not a critical update) or it's just processing an INF file (such as killbits). For now, I'll assume that you have checked your list against the stickied xp hotfix lists and removed the nonessentials.

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hi tp! thanks for the quick reply. i actually followed the list & only a few were added (some that i found residing in add/remove programs). i'll sort it out again. as for directx_aug2009_redist.exe (is it truly the entire package now - redist.exe as opposed to extracting it & getting only .cabs that apply, in my case those x86s? if extracted, what happens to the files other than the .cabs --- .ddls & .exe? where do they go now?) , i placed it in HF as designated in the list. i'll try to run it again & try the HFCABS method as well to see which one works best. in this run too, all contents of my HFCABS strictly followed the list provided by Mim0. as for the .cab files in my HFAAO, i just threw in all that used to work in my previous successful run; didn't change anything --- except for newer vers; in fact, even lessened addons than how it was back then. i'll report back. thanks!

btw, have attached my previous hflslip.log (changed to .txt extension) for comparison purposes if called for. ;)


Edited by Kiki Burgh
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  • 2 weeks later...

hi! just needed to ask how to validate if dx files have been slipstreamed successfully ... i saw these processed while the script was running ... however, after every install i've always been prompted to install video driver that required directx installation ... files i've attached in another post may be of help. thanks

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The extra dx9 stuff is all the DLLs you posted up in the first message of this thread. HFSLIP detected it and put it into txtsetup.sif (which is what is used to copy the files over). The final result is that the dll's are placed in system32 (via txtsetup.sif) and are registered (via hfslipwu.inf).

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Usually games and other stuff will ask to install directx version x.x even though you already have it...(it seems they don't even bother to check first).

This happens to me all the time when installing games.

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