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newest version of googletoolbar v6.3.1001.1015 signed wont install


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I can install google toolbar v6.1.x which according to the filename isn't signed. However, when I try to install

the latest version v6.3.1001.1015 x32 signed on my w2k pro sp4 with all the latest patches, it gives a popup

stating "insufficient privelges please contact the system administrator". However, I am the administrator, and

the adm policies are not configured either so this can't be the problem either. Nor is anything written to the

event log even stating that it tried to install the toolbar so that I could see the type of error being generated.

Has anyone run into this problem? Is this version compatible with IE 6sp1 latest version?

On another question. IE6sp1 doesn't have a manage-addons like IE7+. How does one check to see

if the pluggins and toolbars are enabled in the manage-addons section of IE6sp1 assuming there is

some other way to verify this?

Note: I did upgrade the adm templates per the most recent release dated 10/28/2008 for w2k. I also loaded

the Sept 2009 update for rootcerts that XP uses. It didn't tell me if it installed nor did it complain that it

wasn't the right system.

Another question is, MSoft says to remove previous version of adm templates before installing the new ones.

How to do this if they are the original ones from when I installed w2ksp4 before upgrading to this new version?

What type of problems will occur if the earlier version isn't removed first? Is there a complete list of all the

templates one can put on a W2k or Xp system that one can do for the policies or other similar msc files?

I see in XP under computer and the user area of policies that there is a selection for installed software

policies which has selections to choose from, but on w2k they are empty. What template can be used for w2k

to fill this policy section with things to control?

I also didn't change anything within IE6sp1 it self by using a tool like IEAK to restrict the browser functionality either.


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